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Delivering one-stop, complete marketing production for the healthcare industry

What production and deployment challenges do you face in delivering your healthcare client’s marketing communication? Or, if you oversee marketing in a global healthcare company, does complex coordination take up significant resources? Marketing communications for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries require specialized support systems and applications designed to ensure consistent communications in a highly regulated industry. Given the large geographical reach of such global companies, all marketing efforts need to factor in costs, time to market, consistency, adaptation and localization requirements across different regulatory environments.

GraphicPeople supports large healthcare companies around the world with production of different marketing collaterals. The team at the Dhaka production hub is currently supporting one of the world’s largest healthcare companies maintain its global websites and content platforms. Website builds and complementary applications are developed using the industry-leading Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) content management solution. The team has worked with clients in more than 30 countries supporting 50+ brands. More than 100 websites have been migrated to the agency’s own systems to provide maintenance services and 18 localized websites have so far been created from master sites. Agile project management helps to tackle the complexity of operations where content verification, QA, uploads and communications require precise coordination across different time zones and content flows from different locations. From March 2018 to January 2020 the team has delivered 1500+ web pages to clients clocking over 42,000 hours.

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Smart production: How Dell manages the Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing blitz

How did you celebrate Black Friday this year? For marketers the preparations start long before shoppers kick off one of the world’s busiest shopping sprees. Marketing and advertising for events of this scale involve high volume production of diverse print and digital media collaterals in the shortest possible time. Agencies tasked with getting the best creative out there for brands are often stretched too thin with typical production demands like precise coordination among multiple stakeholders across different time zones, simultaneous campaign deployments and meeting unique requirements.

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Helping Dell produce localized catalogues for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) markets

GraphicPeople’s journey to becoming one of the region’s leading offshore production hubs began with Dell among its first clients. Working for one of the world’s largest computer manufacturing and IT services company involves being part of an enormous marketing operation where all production needs to come together seamlessly. GraphicPeople supports Dell’s global catalogue production, providing localization and simultaneous activation services for its 24-page business catalogues for the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) markets, published for 12 countries and in 14 languages.

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Supporting Kimberly-Clark battle colds and flu (and winning a Webby Award)

GraphicPeople’s digital team is always up for unique assignments, even if that means catching a cold or two, digitally! So when tasked to support a 150-year old personal care company, the team knew they had to call upon all their accumulated experience to get it right. Given its track record for digital excellence with leading global brands and agencies, GraphicPeople was invited to support global personal care leader Kimberly-Clark’s Kneelex tissue brand with a unique marketing campaign. The Dhaka team would help build an interactive website for the US and Canadian markets that could help predict a visitor’s vulnerability to colds and flu based on location.

GraphicPeople Working With Kimberly-Clark: Battling Colds and Flu, Digitally
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Supporting the digital launch of Microsoft Windows 8 operating system

The launch of a flagship product from the world’s largest software maker is always a challenging project. GraphicPeople leveraged its digital production expertise to support the launch of a new edition of the world’s most popular OS. The project involved producing Flash and rich media banners, Flash video for kiosks, electronic direct mailers (EDMs) and website landing pages, with simultaneous activation across 21 Asian countries in 12 languages.

Given the different stakeholders involved, precise coordination amongst all was a critical element from the beginning. However, a bigger challenge for the GraphicPeople team was delivering the required volume of digital assets within near-impossible deadlines. The studio leveraged its experience in digital production to put together several expert teams that would work in shifts and take up production, coordination and communication roles. The teams put in place contingency plans in case of mishaps because there would be no time for experimentation. Communications planning and time zone management helped optimize product review, feedback and brief preparation sessions with colleagues in Singapore, which was two hours ahead of Dhaka time.

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Helping clients adapt to the new marketing communications age

The advertising industry has undergone multidimensional change in the last 15 years. From clients to creative to communication channels, the advertising mix now includes an almost unavoidable digital footprint in every marketing communication function. Technology and digital evolution have grown together, giving clients much more options to reach customers and pushing agencies to spur innovation across all agency operations. A faster moving market with even faster moving customers have meant traditional time to market windows and campaign deployment times have plummeted from the pre-digital advertising days. 

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