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Supporting Kimberly-Clark battle colds and flu (and winning a Webby Award)

GraphicPeople’s digital team is always up for unique assignments, even if that means catching a cold or two, digitally! So when tasked to support a 150-year old personal care company, the team knew they had to call upon all their accumulated experience to get it right. Given its track record for digital excellence with leading global brands and agencies, GraphicPeople was invited to support global personal care leader Kimberly-Clark’s Kneelex tissue brand with a unique marketing campaign. The Dhaka team would help build an interactive website for the US and Canadian markets that could help predict a visitor’s vulnerability to colds and flu based on location.

GraphicPeople Working With Kimberly-Clark: Battling Colds and Flu, Digitally

Apart from the interactive website, the campaign required an additional informational website on Kneelex Tissues, Flash banners and electronic direct mailers (EDMs), for two countries in three languages. The project involved several agencies working together under the WPP umbrella so constantly maintaining effective communication and coordination across different levels of management was a challenge for project managers on all sides. But the most challenging aspect was fully understanding the client’s existing technical infrastructure and backend systems that would host the interactive application and the product website to avoid compatibility issues later. This exercise involved carefully reviewing the client’s entire web hosting platform, navigating complex core technologies and strictly adhering to a number of dos and don’ts.

GraphicPeople Working With Kimberly-Clark: Battling Colds and Flu, Digitally

An 8-member project team comprised of software architects, senior .Net developers, front-end developers, QA engineers and senior project managers was involved from the GraphicPeople side. The team worked for 3000 man-hours to develop a predictive web application, a conventional website, more than 50 Flash banners and 10 EDMs for the US and Canadian markets in English, French and Spanish. The web application was designed to predict the vulnerability of website visitors to colds and flu with up to 88% accuracy, given their location in the US and Canada.

Check out the full story of how Kimberly-Clark benefited by partnering with GraphicPeople on this complex project which went on to win a Webby Award. Get in touch if you have a great creative idea we can help produce.