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Smart production: How Dell manages the Black Friday and Cyber Monday marketing blitz

How did you celebrate Black Friday this year? For marketers the preparations start long before shoppers kick off one of the world’s busiest shopping sprees. Marketing and advertising for events of this scale involve high volume production of diverse print and digital media collaterals in the shortest possible time. Agencies tasked with getting the best creative out there for brands are often stretched too thin with typical production demands like precise coordination among multiple stakeholders across different time zones, simultaneous campaign deployments and meeting unique requirements.

GraphicPeople in Dhaka has been supporting Dell for over 15 years with high volume production work for markets in North America, APAC and EMEA. The tech giant’s marketing operation goes into overdrive before crunch times like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, requiring thousands of web banners and emails and print collaterals with specific localization requirements across multiple media platforms. Instead of addressing individual production challenges, GraphicPeople provides Dell with a complete marketing solution combining its rich project management expertise with a state-of-the-art hub, working with the company’s CSB: Client Solutions Units and ISG: Infrastructure Units.

Dell started this year’s Black Friday buzz with digital marketing campaigns and prints. Digital production included web banners – dynamic banners, static banners, social media assets, marketing emails, video for insta-story and print deliverables included catalogues, newspaper ads, direct mailer. The pace of Black Friday operations meant high volume, meeting tight deadlines across different time zones were some of the challenges. In the end though, everyone got a great deal: working in multiple shifts the MSC Dhaka team produced 3,244 digital production units and 328 units of print production showcasing the latest Black Friday deals from Dell, working a total of 10323 man-hours in 30 days and with a dedicated 108 – member team.

Dell's Black Friday 2019 Campaign Deliverables

Even with the ample amount of preparation, advertisers struggle due to overwhelming volume of production work, that can stretch their limit. GraphicPeople can be your one-point solution center, supporting you with reduced time to market, high volume of production within tight deadlines and cost efficiency. We support advertising agencies with production solutions for seamless outreach to their B2B and B2C clients.Check out how we have been supporting global brands. Drop us a line at [email protected]  for a no obligations chat on how we can support you.