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Delivering one-stop, complete marketing production for the healthcare industry

What production and deployment challenges do you face in delivering your healthcare client’s marketing communication? Or, if you oversee marketing in a global healthcare company, does complex coordination take up significant resources? Marketing communications for the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries require specialized support systems and applications designed to ensure consistent communications in a highly regulated industry. Given the large geographical reach of such global companies, all marketing efforts need to factor in costs, time to market, consistency, adaptation and localization requirements across different regulatory environments.

GraphicPeople supports large healthcare companies around the world with production of different marketing collaterals. The team at the Dhaka production hub is currently supporting one of the world’s largest healthcare companies maintain its global websites and content platforms. Website builds and complementary applications are developed using the industry-leading Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) content management solution. The team has worked with clients in more than 30 countries supporting 50+ brands. More than 100 websites have been migrated to the agency’s own systems to provide maintenance services and 18 localized websites have so far been created from master sites. Agile project management helps to tackle the complexity of operations where content verification, QA, uploads and communications require precise coordination across different time zones and content flows from different locations. From March 2018 to January 2020 the team has delivered 1500+ web pages to clients clocking over 42,000 hours.

Healthcare and pharmaceutical companies also find a world-class partner in GraphicPeople when they need to combine content management and customer relationship management (CRM). The studio has expert resources to provide support through the Veeva content delivery platform which is integrated with the Salesforce CRM. GraphicPeople has been a Level 3-certified Veeva partner company from 2016 supporting clients with a range of content management and delivery applications. In addition to utilizing Salesforce benefits Veeva applications include customized content presentation; feedback and tracking; analytics; email marketing; and event management.

The 24/7 Dhaka studio can also support healthcare clients with website development, digital banners and eDMs; and print deliverables such as multi-lingual brochures. It offers expert project management resources in one place, minimizing the time to market and communication burden that comes with working across multiple time zones.

What challenges do you face in healthcare marketing production? We support global healthcare companies with complete production solutions for their B2B and B2C marketing communications. Check out how we have been supporting other global brands. Drop us a line at [email protected] for a no obligations chat on how we can support you.