Case Study

Working With Flugger: Optimizing Localization and Adaptation Across the Board

Client Profile: Flügger

Flügger is an international group based in Scandinavia, which designs and markets a wide range of decorative paint, wood protection, spackling paste, wallpaper and tools. It was founded as a family owned company in 1783 and today has revenues of DKK 1.8 billon, employing 1650 people. Flügger products are sold through 600 shops across Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and China, with the company owning half of these shops.

Beginnings of a Partnership

Benefits Delivered
– Around 80% cost savings due to offshoring and replacing own internal studio with GraphicPeople team.
– Shortened time to market utilizing time zone advantage.
– Same production quality across Denmark and Dhaka.
In 2007 Flügger partnered with GraphicPeople for a full across-the-board review of its high-volume, multilingual production needs. Its communication materials include a wide range of collaterals from magazines, catalogues (ranging from single-page to several hundred pages in length), packaging, labels, brochures, newspaper advertisements and business stationery. The aim was to reduce costs, shorten the time to market and make use of time zone advantages in production. At that time, Flügger had its own internal production studio staffed with eight desktop publishing (DTP) and design professionals.

How GraphicPeople Helped

Tools/Software in Practice
– Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign
– Microsoft Word and Excel
– BrandShare
GraphicPeople’s customized studio helped it to function as a centralized hub for all Flügger DTP work across a mix of collaterals. Its cutting-edge production technology combined with customized workflows and automation platforms helped bring everything into one production center. “One of the things that GraphicPeople has been good at is to find the right workflow. The workflow works perfectly today and there is no difference in having a job done locally in Denmark or in Bangladesh”, reveals Flügger Director Kasper Søvsø, “Today almost 90% of our DTP work is done by GraphicPeople. The team we have is working hard and with big enthusiasm in maintaining a high quality in their work.”

This has translated into cost savings for the company: it now no longer needs to staff its own internal studio in Denmark because of GraphicPeople’s dedicated Flügger team in Dhaka. This team also helps in preparing in-house master templates for different collaterals.

Partnerships of Productivity

Over the past seven years Flügger has established itself as an important high-volume client of GraphicPeople with the partnership promoting growth for both sides. Starting with just a 1-member team, the offshore studio now has five dedicated DTP professionals delivering 10,000 production units per year. Among its notable high-volume productions are a 170-page product catalogue produced for five countries in five languages for the Scandinavian market; a 4-page brochure for four European countries; and localization of packaging labels in four different languages for four European markets.

“We feel honored to be associated with an account with a rich heritage like Flügger. It is one of the oldest companies in the world and helping it communicate its diverse range of decorative paints and accessories has indeed made our portfolio all the more colorful!” says Imtiaz Ilahi, Managing Director of GraphicPeople.

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